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Where is Mari Now???

Sep 23, 2013


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Last Tuesday, September 10th, was Mariwear’s One Year Anniversary. It is so hard to believe. Many of you have followed our journey over the past year as we have also followed our customers. We have enjoyed posting the many pictures that have been sent in to answer our question – “Where is Mari”?

Costa Rica, Thailand, Cambodia, Utah, Italy, France to name just a few. Sounds exotic, right? Customers have been wearing their Mariwear all over the world as they traveled in comfort and confidence in the way they look.

As we reflect back over the past year from when we launched as lounge/sleepwear, we quickly comment on how we have learned that Mariwear resonates with women for so many other reasons. Some of them not nearly as glamorous as the great trips mentioned above.

Actually, where Mari is for most of our customers is comfortably on their bodies while they get their children off to the bus stop, entertain house guests, work from home, walk the dog and even run out for a quick errand.

So, as we celebrated our one year anniversary, we spent the day reflecting on the way Mariwear has transformed the way women get out of their bras yet “still feel dressed”.

We have changed our website to reflect the many uses of Mariwear way beyond lounge/sleepwear. And we are proud to say that Mariwear is the beginning of a new revolution of:

Braless comfort and confidence

We are pleased with where Mari is now and can’t wait to see where she is on our second anniversary.

Thank you to all our customers for a great year and thanks for sharing your pictures – keep them coming!