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Become a Mariwear sellerWe are building the Mariwear business with the belief that women will want to share our dream with other women. This product is unique and we encourage you to become a part of our team as we launch our pilot program of sales consultants.

Aside from supporting and shaping your physical attributes, Mariwear provides you an opportunity to earn additional income to support your own personal dreams. Whether you are looking to build a business or just earn some extra income, here is a unique product that is sure to sell.

We are currently taking applications for individuals with qualified backgrounds to have the opportunity to become a part of our dream. Imagine being a seller of this new, innovative line of apparel that is about to transform the way women get comfortable in their clothes.

Use the email option below to send us your name and contact information and we will set up a phone interview to further discuss this exciting opportunity.

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