The Joys of Removing Your Bra. Can You Relate?

Oct 29, 2014


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One of my greatest joys since launching the Mariwear business has been phone calls and emails from customers who have totally enjoyed the pleasure of being braless yet still feeling dressed. The notion of “braless comfort AND confidence” didn’t really occur to many women and once they experience it, they are hooked about being unhooked (excuse the pun).

Nothing beats waking up to a testimonial from a happy Mariwear customer. Over the two years, we have also received many pictures from customers wearing their outfits as part of our “Where is Mari” campaign. While many of these have been featured on our Facebook page, I will get better about sharing them as a blog post.

I truly enjoyed receiving the link to this article in my inbox last week from a wonderful Mariwear customer. I had to share it as it clearly speaks volumes to the heightened joy many of us get when we take off our bras. Perhaps this article creates a chuckle in your day as it did mine. Read the article in Huffington Post

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Founder and President/Designer, Wild Intuitions, LLC She believes that living one’s dream is an experience worth reaching for. And in living her dream of designing and creating Mariwear, she has experienced that women support each other. She’s met inspiring and supportive women throughout the process, helping her turn her vision into a dream come true. Melanie is a wife of 30 years, mother to 2 wonderful daughters and one lazy dog.