Mariwear has arrived!!!

Jan 25, 2013


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After an incredible two-year journey of product development, design and fabric selection, Mariwear has finally arrived! Working with industry experts to master the internal design of this unique garment has been both exciting and challenging.

Since our initial launch and introduction in the Boston area in September, we have faced some additional unforeseen challenges including the sudden death of a trusted colleague and the impacts of Hurricane Sandy as our factory is in New York City.

However, the excitement around women who wanted to be one of the first to own Mariwear was inspiring and allowed us to keep the vision.

As we traveled out of Boston and into other parts of the country, the reception for Mariwear remained the same – something new and innovative that solved a problem that most women have. The universal question remains: “What do I change into at the end of my long day? I still want to feel dressed, have shape and support and like the way I look?”

Well, Mariwear is the solution and it has arrived!

We have been busy sorting and shipping the over 200 orders we currently have of women who have been patiently awaiting their Mariwear. These orders will be shipped all over the U.S. and now we will be asking the question:

“Where in the world is Mari”???

Already, she is on her way to travel through Thailand, ski a girls weekend in Utah, and relax at Canyon Ranch Spa to name just a few.

So please stay with us as we continue our journey with Mari to see the many ways and many places that she will transform the way women dress to get comfortable.

Thanks for starting the journey with us!

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Founder and President/Designer, Wild Intuitions, LLC She believes that living one’s dream is an experience worth reaching for. And in living her dream of designing and creating Mariwear, she has experienced that women support each other. She’s met inspiring and supportive women throughout the process, helping her turn her vision into a dream come true. Melanie is a wife of 30 years, mother to 2 wonderful daughters and one lazy dog.