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Mariwear Featured on “The Language of Business”

Apr 9, 2015


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Mariwear was recently featured on a television show produced in the Boston area but broadcast across the country and posted on YouTube for it’s domestic and international following. While it’s episode has a specific topic, we were asked to participate in the “Made In America” series as we are proud to have stayed true to that status.

Watch the show here:

Academia and Fashion Meet Up

Apr 9, 2015


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We are proud to report that Mariwear was selected by the MBA program at Boston College (Carroll School of Management) as a top start-up company in the Boston area. As part of the selection, we were blessed with a brilliant team of six MBA students who spent the semester strategizing and crafting a full business plan with our team. They were fantastic to work with and we are so proud of their success as one of the finalists in the final pitch of their plan. Congrats team!

The Joys of Removing Your Bra. Can You Relate?

Oct 29, 2014


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One of my greatest joys since launching the Mariwear business has been phone calls and emails from customers who have totally enjoyed the pleasure of being braless yet still feeling dressed. The notion of “braless comfort AND confidence” didn’t really occur to many women and once they experience it, they are hooked about being unhooked (excuse the pun).

Nothing beats waking up to a testimonial from a happy Mariwear customer. Over the two years, we have also received many pictures from customers wearing their outfits as part of our “Where is Mari” campaign. While many of these have been featured on our Facebook page, I will get better about sharing them as a blog post.

I truly enjoyed receiving the link to this article in my inbox last week from a wonderful Mariwear customer. I had to share it as it clearly speaks volumes to the heightened joy many of us get when we take off our bras. Perhaps this article creates a chuckle in your day as it did mine. Read the article in Huffington Post

Planes, Tuk Tuks and Elephants

Nov 20, 2013


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family in tuk tuk

After four days of “normal” clothes, we were back on another plane ride.  While this flight was not as long, I still wanted to be comfortable so I changed back in my Mariwear.

Again, we landed and while our luggage actually did make it this time, I just wanted to keep moving on our tight schedule.

There we were, back in Bangkok.  We jumped right into a tuk tuk to explore the exciting city further.  All the while, I happily wore my capris and sleeveless top out and about in the 90+ degree heat.  Happy to not have a bra sticking to my skin!

A highlight on this end of the trip was to the Tiger Temple.  The tigers must have really liked my outfit since they didn’t bite me as I even had one lay his head on my lap.

Our next stop was to do the much expected… the very touristy elephant ride.  Again, I was happy to be in my Mariwear as I climbed on the elephant, which took me into the river and gave me a bath with his trunk.  How much more versatile could clothing be?

In summary, this was truly a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.  While I never dreamed of designing a line of apparel such as Mariwear, I never dreamed of wearing it on such an exciting trip as we had this summer.

After all of this, I can truly say first-hand that Mariwear is the most comfortable, versatile clothing I could ever imagine and I hope you find it to be the same for you!

The Versatility of Mariwear

Nov 1, 2013


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After arriving on to Bangkok 23 hours later to no luggage, I was faced with a big decision…  do I rush off to a department store and purchase some clothes or do I put Mariwear to the test?

Well, after wearing it for essentially two days on the flight over, it needed some refreshing but as the one who preaches the value of Mariwear every day, I knew the right decision was to put it to the test.

So…. off we went immediately to keep with the itinerary we had worked so hard to create.  Sightseeing at temples, castles, dining, riding the sky rail and even traveling around Bangkok in a tuk tuk .  I should mention that the temples require women to have their shoulders covered so the Wrap Me Up was perfect to have on hand!

One of the highlights was going to the Grand Palace in Bangkok.  What a magnificent place! Also, I was thrilled to get my picture taken there in my Mariwear as a customer had previously sent me one of herself in front of the Palace wearing her outfit last year.


Each day we would wait patiently to hear from the airlines about our luggage making it.  I would wear Mariwear during the day and rinse it out at night.  Day one, no luggage.  Day two, no luggage.  Day three, no luggage.


Finally, on the same morning we were to fly to Cambodia, our luggage made it to Bangkok.  I was so happy to finally be reunited with my bag.  Best news was that I had some other Mariwear styles to change into.

That being said, at this point I was SO comfortable in my Mariwear that I truly didn’t want to put on my bra again.  So we continued on to Cambodia and I changed into yet another Mariwear outfit to see the famous Angkor Wat temple and dine in Siem Reap.

After many requests from my family to see me in something other than the same Mariwear outfit, I broke down and continued for the next four days in “normal” clothes until…..

Stay tuned for Chapter Three…

The Ultimate Journey in Comfort

Oct 8, 2013


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I’m sure that many of you have wonderful stories about your summer travels.  If you traveled in your Mariwear, we’d love to see a picture for our “Where Is Mari” postings.

While we have enjoyed seeing and hearing about many of your travels, this time I have my very own pictures and stories to tell.

As a multi-level celebratory trip (18th bday, 21st bday, graduation from high school, 30th wedding anniversary) my family consisting of one husband and two daughters made an amazing trip to Asia.  Having lived and traveled abroad in Europe, Asia was one culture that we had never experienced and knew it would truly be one of lifetime memories.

With a 23-hour journey in-front of us, there was no question about what I would wear on the plane.  It was one of the easiest decisions I had to make on a very complex 2-week trip to a distant, foreign country.

Out came my three-piece Mariwear ensemble:  The paisley Cross Comfy, the super soft Long N’ Luxe pants and one of my personal favorites:  the cozy Wrap Me Up.

We arrived at the airport and I felt completely at ease and confident in the way I looked.  No one would know that I was braless and that what I was wearing  was what I would comfortably sleep in on the flight.


As I got nestled into my airplane seat, I snuggled up with my pillow and blanket (and my Ambien of course) and couldn’t be more comfortable.  The journey seemed so much less challenging without the poking and pinching of the typical wires and fasteners of my bra.


I slept comfortably and when we arrived in Paris and was so happy to get off the plane and wander through the Paris airport awaiting our next flight; all the while feeling confident in the way I looked.  Not to mention, that the outfit was completely wrinkle-free!

Once again, I boarded the plane and slept comfortably until our arrival in Bangkok only to find that our luggage didn’t make it on the plane.  That’s right – NOTHING but what was on our bodies.   Here’s where the true adventure in Mariwear begins…

Stay tuned for Chapter Two…

Where is Mari Now???

Sep 23, 2013


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Last Tuesday, September 10th, was Mariwear’s One Year Anniversary. It is so hard to believe. Many of you have followed our journey over the past year as we have also followed our customers. We have enjoyed posting the many pictures that have been sent in to answer our question – “Where is Mari”?

Costa Rica, Thailand, Cambodia, Utah, Italy, France to name just a few. Sounds exotic, right? Customers have been wearing their Mariwear all over the world as they traveled in comfort and confidence in the way they look.

As we reflect back over the past year from when we launched as lounge/sleepwear, we quickly comment on how we have learned that Mariwear resonates with women for so many other reasons. Some of them not nearly as glamorous as the great trips mentioned above.

Actually, where Mari is for most of our customers is comfortably on their bodies while they get their children off to the bus stop, entertain house guests, work from home, walk the dog and even run out for a quick errand.

So, as we celebrated our one year anniversary, we spent the day reflecting on the way Mariwear has transformed the way women get out of their bras yet “still feel dressed”.

We have changed our website to reflect the many uses of Mariwear way beyond lounge/sleepwear. And we are proud to say that Mariwear is the beginning of a new revolution of:

Braless comfort and confidence

We are pleased with where Mari is now and can’t wait to see where she is on our second anniversary.

Thank you to all our customers for a great year and thanks for sharing your pictures – keep them coming!

Bra-Free and Beautiful

Feb 14, 2013


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Mariwear's Products in the factory

Women have a love/hate relationship with bras. Love the way they look, hate the way they feel. A necessary evil. A bond that can’t be broken. We put it on in the morning, but can’t wait for the day to end so we can take it off. But then what? How do we take off the bra but still look good?

Women all over the world share this universal challenge. They want to get out of their bra, still “feel dressed” and like the way they look. Perhaps even other people around them care about how they look.

Is 6p too early to put on pajamas? I don’t want to put on my work-out clothes when I’m not going to the gym. And let’s be honest with ourselves – that tshirt, sweatpants and hoodie just isn’t a good look.

That’s where Mariwear comes in… A new, innovative line of lounge/sleepwear that has built-in shape and support. Imagine getting out of the bra and still looking great. So good that some women have even found themselves running out to the store in their Mariwear.

Best yet, with no wires or fasteners a woman can change into her Mariwear and not have to change again before going to bed. Imagine only changing ONCE at the end of the day.

How many other situations do women want to be “bra free”??? While originally conceived for lounge/sleepwear, we have been asking customers, “Where is Mari” to find out how they have been using their Mariwear. Here are some great places:

Women working from home Business and personal travel (Mari has been spotted in Thailand, Canyon Ranch Spa, Utah girls weekend, Costa Rica…) Entertaining houseguests Kids and their friends in the house Before and after a spa treatment

Women should be able to get out of their bra and still feel and look good. Let’s all be a part of transforming the way women dress without a bra.

This is the beginning of a new era for bra-free lifestyle apparel. Enjoy!

To be a part of this revolution, check us out at and then join in the campaign to grow the business at

Mariwear has arrived!!!

Jan 25, 2013


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After an incredible two-year journey of product development, design and fabric selection, Mariwear has finally arrived! Working with industry experts to master the internal design of this unique garment has been both exciting and challenging.

Since our initial launch and introduction in the Boston area in September, we have faced some additional unforeseen challenges including the sudden death of a trusted colleague and the impacts of Hurricane Sandy as our factory is in New York City.

However, the excitement around women who wanted to be one of the first to own Mariwear was inspiring and allowed us to keep the vision.

As we traveled out of Boston and into other parts of the country, the reception for Mariwear remained the same – something new and innovative that solved a problem that most women have. The universal question remains: “What do I change into at the end of my long day? I still want to feel dressed, have shape and support and like the way I look?”

Well, Mariwear is the solution and it has arrived!

We have been busy sorting and shipping the over 200 orders we currently have of women who have been patiently awaiting their Mariwear. These orders will be shipped all over the U.S. and now we will be asking the question:

“Where in the world is Mari”???

Already, she is on her way to travel through Thailand, ski a girls weekend in Utah, and relax at Canyon Ranch Spa to name just a few.

So please stay with us as we continue our journey with Mari to see the many ways and many places that she will transform the way women dress to get comfortable.

Thanks for starting the journey with us!

Oh What A Night!!!

Sep 24, 2012


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Mariwear launch Party

Over a year in the making and we finally reached our first huge milestone – the official launch of Mariwear.

Monday, September 10th, 2012 is a night I will always remember.  With the help and support of many professionals, family and friends I was so proud to showcase the collection at a beautiful venue owned and operated by wonderful people– Invidia Salon and Spa in Sudbury, MA  .

We were blessed with over 150 women at the event complete with media coverage and a fashion blogger.  Special thanks to Kimberly Gioioso of 

Mariwear all started with a dream and a vision and was followed by over a year of perfecting the design and construction as well as selecting the best fabrics and prints.  Little did I know that day in January 2011 as I set out to get my first prototype made that this was just the beginning of an incredible journey full of so many highs and lows.   While there were many challenges along the way, none were too great to deter me from my dream.

I would never want to miss the thrill of that night – 9/10/2012.

It was a great success complete with orders that night and many more in the following days as we made our website live.

Thanks to all who were a part of my journey along the way!!!

With love, Melanie