Planes, Tuk Tuks and Elephants

Nov 20, 2013


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family in tuk tuk

After four days of “normal” clothes, we were back on another plane ride.  While this flight was not as long, I still wanted to be comfortable so I changed back in my Mariwear.

Again, we landed and while our luggage actually did make it this time, I just wanted to keep moving on our tight schedule.

There we were, back in Bangkok.  We jumped right into a tuk tuk to explore the exciting city further.  All the while, I happily wore my capris and sleeveless top out and about in the 90+ degree heat.  Happy to not have a bra sticking to my skin!

A highlight on this end of the trip was to the Tiger Temple.  The tigers must have really liked my outfit since they didn’t bite me as I even had one lay his head on my lap.

Melanie wearing Mariwear on elephantOur next stop was to do the much expected… the very touristy elephant ride.  Again, I was happy to be in my Mariwear as I climbed on the elephant, which took me into the river and gave me a bath with his trunk.  How much more versatile could clothing be?

In summary, this was truly a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.  While I never dreamed of designing a line of apparel such as Mariwear, I never dreamed of wearing it on such an exciting trip as we had this summer.

After all of this, I can truly say first-hand that Mariwear is the most comfortable, versatile clothing I could ever imagine and I hope you find it to be the same for you!

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Founder and President/Designer, Wild Intuitions, LLC She believes that living one’s dream is an experience worth reaching for. And in living her dream of designing and creating Mariwear, she has experienced that women support each other. She’s met inspiring and supportive women throughout the process, helping her turn her vision into a dream come true. Melanie is a wife of 30 years, mother to 2 wonderful daughters and one lazy dog.