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We had exciting coverage of our launch and announcement of our new product line:

Cintell.net  – We Asked 14 Marketers How to Make It Happen as a Woman in Business
“If you could go back in time and tell your younger marketing self how to ‘make it happen,’ what advice would you give? What advice would you give young women entering the workplace, especially in a marketing role?

MomCentral.com  – From Bed to “Bus Stop Chic” – Mariwear Keeps You Looking Well-Dressed!
As a weary mom to three girls (two small, one big) I often find I’m looking for a the perfect “day-off wardrobe.” You know, those items of clothing that are easy to pull on, run around in, and even wear right out of bed….

Thefashionhubupdates.com  – Mariwear to My Rescue…
Mariwear in three words is often described as Lounge, Sleep, and Rise. After slipping into their Capri ‘N Easy bottoms last weekend, I felt like melting away as I lounged in them, slept in them, and rested…

Boston.com  – Massachusetts-based fashion startups (June 2013)
Far from fading, the startup trend that has been sweeping the nation is evolving, and now consumers and investors get more say than ever in the products that make it to the market.  Mariwear is one of 19 fashion start-ups in the Boston area…

Boston Business JournalStartupWatch for Oct. 21

Boston HeraldMariwear counting on comfort to matter

MetroWest Daily NewsA Sudbury company creates comfortable Loungewear, Sleepwear

Sudbury PatchSudbury residents launch a new-innovative women’s apparel

Fashion Blogger Kim Gioiosi attended the Mariwear Launch Party: Visit her blog


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