Melanie Berger wearing Mariwear's loungwear with Built in shape and support

Melanie Berger

Founder /Designer,  Mariwear

In her creative journey from concept to product manufacturing, it became evident that women needed support for both body and soul. Women want to feel good about themselves and the way they look – even after a long day. As an answer to Melanie’s dream, Mariwear does just that.

Since launching Mariwear, Melanie has been inspired by all the women who have not only purchased the product but have send emails about how Mariwear has transformed the way they dress when they want to be out of their bras. She loves hearing how Mariwear is being worn – even way beyond the lounge/sleepwear as it was originally conceived.

It has been confirmed that the one thing most women agree on is that:

Braless comfort & confidence is every woman’s dream.”