The Ultimate Journey in Comfort

Oct 8, 2013


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I’m sure that many of you have wonderful stories about your summer travels.  If you traveled in your Mariwear, we’d love to see a picture for our “Where Is Mari” postings.

While we have enjoyed seeing and hearing about many of your travels, this time I have my very own pictures and stories to tell.

As a multi-level celebratory trip (18th bday, 21st bday, graduation from high school, 30th wedding anniversary) my family consisting of one husband and two daughters made an amazing trip to Asia.  Having lived and traveled abroad in Europe, Asia was one culture that we had never experienced and knew it would truly be one of lifetime memories.

With a 23-hour journey in-front of us, there was no question about what I would wear on the plane.  It was one of the easiest decisions I had to make on a very complex 2-week trip to a distant, foreign country.

Out came my three-piece Mariwear ensemble:  The paisley Cross Comfy, the super soft Long N’ Luxe pants and one of my personal favorites:  the cozy Wrap Me Up.

We arrived at the airport and I felt completely at ease and confident in the way I looked.  No one would know that I was braless and that what I was wearing  was what I would comfortably sleep in on the flight.


As I got nestled into my airplane seat, I snuggled up with my pillow and blanket (and my Ambien of course) and couldn’t be more comfortable.  The journey seemed so much less challenging without the poking and pinching of the typical wires and fasteners of my bra.


I slept comfortably and when we arrived in Paris and was so happy to get off the plane and wander through the Paris airport awaiting our next flight; all the while feeling confident in the way I looked.  Not to mention, that the outfit was completely wrinkle-free!

Once again, I boarded the plane and slept comfortably until our arrival in Bangkok only to find that our luggage didn’t make it on the plane.  That’s right – NOTHING but what was on our bodies.   Here’s where the true adventure in Mariwear begins…

Stay tuned for Chapter Two…

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Founder and President/Designer, Wild Intuitions, LLC She believes that living one’s dream is an experience worth reaching for. And in living her dream of designing and creating Mariwear, she has experienced that women support each other. She’s met inspiring and supportive women throughout the process, helping her turn her vision into a dream come true. Melanie is a wife of 30 years, mother to 2 wonderful daughters and one lazy dog.