The Versatility of Mariwear

Nov 1, 2013


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After arriving on to Bangkok 23 hours later to no luggage, I was faced with a big decision…  do I rush off to a department store and purchase some clothes or do I put Mariwear to the test?

Well, after wearing it for essentially two days on the flight over, it needed some refreshing but as the one who preaches the value of Mariwear every day, I knew the right decision was to put it to the test.

So…. off we went immediately to keep with the itinerary we had worked so hard to create.  Sightseeing at temples, castles, dining, riding the sky rail and even traveling around Bangkok in a tuk tuk .  I should mention that the temples require women to have their shoulders covered so the Wrap Me Up was perfect to have on hand!

One of the highlights was going to the Grand Palace in Bangkok.  What a magnificent place! Also, I was thrilled to get my picture taken there in my Mariwear as a customer had previously sent me one of herself in front of the Palace wearing her outfit last year.


Each day we would wait patiently to hear from the airlines about our luggage making it.  I would wear Mariwear during the day and rinse it out at night.  Day one, no luggage.  Day two, no luggage.  Day three, no luggage.


Finally, on the same morning we were to fly to Cambodia, our luggage made it to Bangkok.  I was so happy to finally be reunited with my bag.  Best news was that I had some other Mariwear styles to change into.

That being said, at this point I was SO comfortable in my Mariwear that I truly didn’t want to put on my bra again.  So we continued on to Cambodia and I changed into yet another Mariwear outfit to see the famous Angkor Wat temple and dine in Siem Reap.

After many requests from my family to see me in something other than the same Mariwear outfit, I broke down and continued for the next four days in “normal” clothes until…..

Stay tuned for Chapter Three…

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Founder and President/Designer, Wild Intuitions, LLC She believes that living one’s dream is an experience worth reaching for. And in living her dream of designing and creating Mariwear, she has experienced that women support each other. She’s met inspiring and supportive women throughout the process, helping her turn her vision into a dream come true. Melanie is a wife of 30 years, mother to 2 wonderful daughters and one lazy dog.